Kenneth Andrew Mchugh Jr.

Executive Vice President of Sales

As a more recent addition to the Amicus Companies LLC, “Andrew” brings all the freshness and tenacity of his personality as well as 5 years of experience within the nonprofit world. A graduate of DePaul University, Andrew has worked with such reputable Chicago associations as Chicago Lights (formerly known as Partners in Education), a nonprofit community outreach program, and the Pilsen Alliance, a nonprofit social justice organization. From these opportunities he has built an understanding in the importance of innovation for improving current educational facilities. It was at these organizations that Andrew cultivated his knowledge with Tax Increment Financing, Chicago real estate, and the unique diversity of needs among all levels within Chicago educational institutions.

Before formally joining the Amicus Companies LLC, Andrew was already been apart of several projects within the company including Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies and Catholic Theological Union. Since his addition he has worked toward providing additions toward the property management portion of the company, seeking various properties to be managed and run as focus student housing for universities all around Chicago. Adding to the portfolio that already includes the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Chicago.

Andrew holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, a second Bachelor’s in Literary Studies with further studies in Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse.

Specialties: His specialties include communications, negotiations, marketing, and public relations. People relationships and management have been a focus of his education and a strong area of his own personal involvement.