Do you dare to dream?

So you have a dream. Perhaps it is a new location, or a new building. Maybe you have seen it already—across town or in your mind. It may be as simple as increasing productivity or as complicated as expanding your business into a whole new direction. Small or large, it is your dream. So what’s stopping you?

Money, time, negative thinking, the daily grind — they come between you and your dream. Stop! Your answer is right in front of you. At IPM-Amicus, no matter who or what it is that says it can’t be done, we refuse to listen. We understand your doubts and fears. We also understand financial engineering, planning strategy, team selection, successful oversight and management and all the little details required to begin and build great projects. What we don’t understand is “no.”

As the legend goes, a dreamcatcher sorts through visions, filtering out the negative and building on the good. It takes knowledge, wisdom and experience to capture dreams. This is our business. You may be able to find someone else to sell you slick promises in fancy wrappings, but you won’t find a better success record of turning dreams into realities on time and under budget than IPM-Amicus.


Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

It is our practice to say what we mean and mean what we say. Without this, communication ceases to serve its purpose: to deliver truth. Without truth, dreams are built on sand. We don’t seek to gain business at the expense of truth, which is why we have a successful record of building dreams that stand firm on solid ground.


The act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.

Exceptional vision is the ability to see what others can’t. At IPM-Amicus, we don’t see “It can’t be done.” We see “How can we make it happen?” We don’t see “It will cost too much.” We see solutions. It takes a creative outlook to be a visionary. Our outlook has allowed us to build what they said couldn’t be built, to finance what couldn’t be financed—over and over again.


Knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone.

Our team of professionals has valuable experience in development, financing, and project management. In addition, we bring to the table in-house legal, tax, and urban planning expertise. We understand every step of the process, not just construction oversight. There are others out there with enough knowledge to get the job done. But it is the wisdom of comprehensive experience that gets things done right.


Ready to be of help or use to someone; at one's disposal.

We understand that in order to serve your needs, we have to be good listeners. That is why our service policy is uniquely tailored around your needs—no question is ever too big or too small for prompt and personal attention from the highest level. We do not live in the world of the technological brush off—voice mail, email, text messages, telephone tag. While we do utilize all the advantages of modern technology, we make it our priority to respond to you personally, not just when it is convenient, but when and how you desire it.


Worth in usefulness or importance.

At IPM-Amicus, we believe that our success comes from your success. In order for your project to be a success, it has to make sense financially. Because of our unique ability to overcome financial obstacles and control expenses from start to finish, our projects come in on time and under budget. Our management not only saves you money now—but affords you, and those who will follow you, greater resources for the long run.


The quality of being resolute; firmness of purpose.

There is one thing that kills dreams more than anything else—the spirit of defeat. Noah would not have built the ark, pyramids would not stand in the desert, bridges would not cross rivers nor planes fly through the sky if the great minds behind these accomplishments had been hindered by the spirit of defeat. The masses said it couldn’t be done. The visionaries didn’t listen. With each new undertaking—with your undertaking—we too are driven by the determination to succeed.


Boundless enthusiasm.

Our enthusiastic drive for excellence knows no limits. It is the drive that pushes the athlete to reach for gold; that captures sunlight on canvas, creates emotion in music. It is passion that catches dreams and turns them into realities. This is the cornerstone of what we do. Integrity, vision, experience, service, value, determination…these are our tools.

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