Letter from the Chairman

After serving the needs of DePaul University for twenty two years, the last ten as Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, I founded Institutional Project Management (IPM) with an eye to aiding not-for-profit organizations realize their development dreams. My experiences have uniquely tailored me to serve the community by bridging the gap between the mission-driven focus of the not-for-profit organization and the profit-driven focus of contractors and developers. Without this role, many meaningful visions would not become realities.

Over the years, IPM has expanded its own vision to include energy solutions (Amicus LLC), residential and at-risk development. But we have not lost our focus on what matters: integrity, service, value, and client satisfaction. Our goal is to better our community, whether that be building power plants, universities, student housing, parking structures or cultural facilities and churches. We have the experience. We have the wisdom. But what really sets us apart is our unique ability to understand your vision, not just your pocketbook, and to walk with you every step of the way in turning your vision into a successful reality. I personally look forward to meeting you along your journey to success.

Kenneth A. McHugh

Institutional Project Management-Amicus